Clear Bra Paint Protection Film by Genesis Window Tinting

Your car’s finish doesn’t stand a chance against road debris, inclement weather, and acidic substances. Automotive Paint Protection film is designed to create a virtually undetectable barrier between your automobile and nature. Rocks are rejected. Bugs bounce off. Bird droppings are benign. Chipped paint is a thing of the past. Prolong your investment, beauty and integrity of your vehicle with the easy solution that Motor Trend Magazine calls, “...the best product you have never seen...”

What is PPF?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an impact resistant, eight mil (.008”) clear urethane plastic, which utilizes a clear-coat finish to maximize the glossy finish of modern vehicles. This film is applied to the body of the vehicle in strategically appointed areas. Originally coined the ‘Clear Bra’, it is also known as Paint Protection Film, ClearMask, Clear Shield, Invisible Shield, Invisible bra, XPEL or StoneShield. PPF is designed to prevent automotive paint damage caused by gravel, insects, road debris, rocks and even vehicle impact.


How do Sacramento vehicle films work?

ClearBra paint protection is composed of a self-annealing outer layer combined with an energy-absorbing adhesive under layer. This modern technology creates a trampoline effect against rock chips - an owner's greatest worry. PPF provides a discrete barrier that is guaranteed not to bubble, crack, peel, or stain yellow.


Applications we offer

Throughout and surrounding Sacramento, vehicle films protect your vehicles from the elements. Genesis Window Tinting offers two options for ‘Clear Bra’ Paint Protection on your vehicle; we install computer designed patterns or in-house custom installations for seamless application. Genesis Window Tinting has a team of experienced installers including two ‘Master’ level technicians who design patterns and teach application. Genesis Window Tinting uses a state of the art graphic plotter to computer cut over 12,000 unique vehicle patterns. We also create custom fit applications for collector, exotic, or modified vehicles. We specialize in motorcycles, RVs, and difficult installations. So, whether you're in Rocklin or Elk Grove, car window coating is not a hassle. Contact Genesis to get started today.

Our Technique

Elk Grove Vehicle Tinting - Our Technique

Unfortunately, PPF sometimes gains bad press from uniformed consumers who attempt DIY installation, choose inexperienced or mobile installers. Our staff are trained professionals who install ‘Clear Bra’ PPF on a daily basis. We take extra steps, including use of proper mounting solution (no baby shampoo) and finishing sealant, to ensure full adhesion to the painted surface without marring or altering the factory finish. We focus on kit design, optical clarity, and installation quality by using industry ‘Best Practices.’ Don't settle for 1st or 2nd generation discount film and poorly designed patterns; you will be unsatisfied with the end product. Beyond Rocklin and Elk Grove, vehicle tinting is best left to the pros- call us at Genesis today.

VIP Service

VIP Service

Our VIP service is tailored for exclusive clients, collector’s cars and exotics. We arrange transport by flatbed or enclosed auto trailer to our store. The VIP service includes single piece, seamless coverage using bulk film that is custom installed by the most experienced, senior technician who completes the installation without interruption. We guarantee installation of Sacramento vehicle films to be 100% imperfection-free with a completely factory finish. Our grounds are under 24 hour video surveillance and we are fully insured for 100k+ vehicles. Please email or call for further details on the VIP service.

Formula One - XPEL - 3M


  • Highly Experienced, Factory Certified, Master Level Installers that have installed PPF over 1000 times
  • Nationwide, warranty backed by unconditional satisfaction guarantee
  • Applications for bumper, fenders, headlights, hood, mirrors, rocker panels, and even the entire vehicle
  • Avoid costly repainting that will diminish your resale value
  • We specialize in all autos including Motorcycles, RVs, Collectors, and Exotics.
  • Discount for Healthcare, Education, Military and State workers.
  • VIP service for clients that demand exclusivity and ultimate convenience.

Our Promise to You

Genesis Window Tinting is a fully bonded, licensed and insured to work on your vehicle be it a motorcycle or an imported exotic car. We maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and employ only highly skilled and trained installers. Our resume includes work on one of a kind collector cars, imported exotics, show vehicles, emergency vehicles, and celebrity and sports figures’ vehicles. Expect a low pressure, professional quotation by a knowledgeable technician. We guarantee our materials and workmanship with a comprehensive, nation-wide, warranty.

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