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Over the years, we still find that many residents are unfamiliar with at-home window tinting throughout Greater Sacramento. Window tinting for cars is popular and is well known as an aesthetic and performance enhancement for automotive glass. Window Film, however, can also dramatically improve the function of glass in your home. Genesis Window Tinting brings the art of residential window tinting to Sacramento; residential window tint, one of the most cost effective glare and heat control solutions, is available for homes of all types and of all sizes.

In California we love the sun

In Sacramento, we love the sun.

Nothing could be more true. That said, we’re not fond of sunburn, sun damage, or sun spots. The blazing heat and glare in the summer months can keep us indoors seeking the refuge of AC. Genesis Window Tinting offers Sacramento sun window film that keeps our customers cooler during summer months and makes it more enjoyable in those certain areas in your home they'd otherwise tend to avoid. Window tinting for your home can reduce that blinding glare that you get at dinner time or in your favorite spot by the TV. Most importantly, window tinting blocks 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. We think of it as sunscreen for your home that doesn’t wear off.

Save up to 50% on cooling costs

Save up to 50% on cooling costs when Sacramento residential window tint is added to your home.

According to the EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual in the United States, about 50% of a typical home's energy bills are wasted by heat loss and heat gain through untreated glass windows. Genesis Window Tinting offers the latest technology in “smart” window films that will lower heating and cooling expenses by rejecting solar heat from the outside and helping to prevent heat from escaping. Home window tinting prices are a fraction of window replacement prices and will extend the life of your AC unit.

Want Privacy or Decorative enhancement?

Want Privacy or Decorative enhancement?

Genesis has sought out stylish options for Sacramento window film. Residential furnishings have never looked so good while doing extra double duty. Genesis Window Tinting offers decorative window film, stained glass window film, window privacy film, and frosted glass film for your home. Residential window film replicates the look and feel of etched glass and stained glass at a fraction of the price. We offer computer cut art and patterned films in an array colors and textures that can be designed to exact taste.

Help stop Intruders with safety/security films

Safety and Security Window Film Reduces Home Intrusions

According to the Sacramento Police Crime Stats, in 2009 there were over 5,000 burglaries in city of Sacramento alone. All homes have the same weakness... glass windows. Our safety and security window film will fortify your glass to help prevent entry through windows of your home.

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  • Reject Heat by up to 84%
  • Block Glare by up to 94%
  • Prevent Sun Damage and Fading
  • Block 99.9% of Destructive UV radiation
  • Decorative and Privacy Glass Enhancement
  • Secure from glass breakage and intrusion

Our Promise to You

Genesis Window Tinting is a fully bonded, insured, and licensed contractor in the State of California. We maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and employ only highly skilled and trained installers. We don’t have commission driven sales, so you can expect a free, low pressure, in-home quotation by a knowledgeable technician. We guarantee our materials and workmanship with a fully transferable lifetime warranty.